Delta & Montrose County Colorado Real Estate

Helpful Hints for Sellers

Stage Appeal Can Make the Deal!

Staging your home and adding appeal to the exterior will make your property more appealing to potential buyers. Most buyers respond to a clean, clutter free house. Buyer’s will look at a number of comparable properties, so make your home stand out! Walk through your property with the eye of a potential buyer….what feedback about this home would you give your agent if you were a buyer?

 Tips to Prepare your Home for Sale

*Make your home inviting – remember, light and bright will help sell!

*Create a spacious feeling and make sure entrances into all rooms have an open flow. Make sure all doors, cabinets and drawers open easily.

*Thoroughly clean everything from top to bottom, including closets. A clean entry closet can help a buyer visualize how their things will look.

*Reorganize Storage Spaces so one can see the extra display/storage space.

*Pack away clothes and shoes that are out of season.

*Make sure windows are clean and unblocked. Show off your views! If there is not a window or any natural lighting, check the light source and make sure it provides adequate lighting. Increase the wattage in the light bulbs if needed.

*Be ruthless about odors, don’t mask smells with candles and air fresheners.

*Accent the positives of the home – fireplace, wood floors, bay window? What was it about the home that attracted you to it?

*Check the house for minor repairs – repair dripping faucets, chipped paint and clean around door handles. Have a roofing professional check the condition of your roof. Repair any loose shingles.

*Remember, a home needing a lot of work is not appealing to most buyers.


Ideas to Create “Curb Appeal”

*Put a fresh coat of paint on the front door, clean and polish the doorknocker, put out a fresh new doormat.                                     

*Perhaps a planter of colorful flowers on the porch or near the entrance would create a warm welcome.

*Keep porch, sidewalks swept and clear of debris

*Mow and keep the lawn maintained

*Inspect the outside walls of the house, clean the siding, caulk if necessary and make any touch-ups with paint

*Make sure your home has address numbers so buyers can find you!


Clear the Clutter

*Remember: the focal point should be the home, not the contents. Buyers need to be able to have a vision of their own belongings in the home.

*Pack away things that you do not use on a daily or weekly basis.

*Reorganize closets, storage room is a priority for buyers.

*Stowaway extra appliances to create extra counter space.

*Take down or remove items that may not appeal to everyone – mounted animals, souvenirs, etc.


What to do to get Ready for a Showing

*During the daylight, open all draperies, shades and blinds. Natural light is at the top of most buyer’s wish lists. In the evening, turn on all the lights. Dark homes are not inviting. Don’t forget the light by the front door!

*Make it a habit to wash dishes (or place in the dishwasher); put away before you leave

*Make sure kitchen and bath countertops are as clean and clutter free as possible.

*Hang fresh, clean dish towels and bath towels.

*Put away clothes and personal items.

*Make beds.

*Vacuum and sweep regularly.

*Organize mail, magazines and newspapers.

*Consider displaying “before and after” photos of major remodeling projects.